Water System Information


The City currently provides water and sewer service to over 2800 users, the main focus of the public works department is to provide an adequate supply of safe water for consumption and fire protection for the residents and business of the community for theStorage present and future generations.

The department staff is comprised of 18 full-time employees who are responsible for construction and maintenance of 43 miles of water lines in addition to maintaining the Water Wells, Water Distribution Pumping Stations, Water Towers, and Chlorination Systems.

In addition there is increased water pressure from a connection we made on our high water pressure system which has generated water pressure from 50 psi to over 130 psi from White drive to Concord & Amvets. This increase in water pressure now provides greater fire protection to the Junior & Senior High school and for the residents.

The work on the water infrastructure on Amvets Drive was done so that the stimulus grant money the city is receiving will provide a new driving surface to be installed from main street West to State Highway 21.

The work that was done on the Amvets drive water main will reduce the chances of water main breaks which would cause damage to the new driving surface that will be installed in 2010.