Water Projects

Water Projects

Public Works personnel are extending the Water Main to the Future Soccer Park. The City’s future Soccer Complex next to Vineland School is having a 10” inch water main installed for irrigation propose of the soccer fields and to provide drinking water around the complex for the community and visitors.



Soccer Park Complex is in the first stage of construction. Bloomsdale Excavating is removing the layers of soil down to bare rock and which then will be blasted to remove the rock layers which will be used to level the soccer complex, after which the soil which was moved will be used to help level the site for grass to grow.


The New Water Tower is completed and in use with 500,000 gallons gallon capacity compared to the old water tower at just 100,000 gallons. This will allow our well pumps to operate for a longer period which will add to the life of them and provide greater Fire Protection with the additional storage in the event of a major fire.

The old water tower will be taken done in August or September of this year.