Sewer Video Inspections

Television Inspection/ Sewer Scanning Internal television is typically performed as a result of information collected during manhole inspections and smoke testing, customer complaints, excessive infiltration or in association with a preventative maintenance program. The purpose of this type of inspection is to determine:

  • Structural condition
  • Location of structural defects
  • Identify size and material of construction
  • Locate service laterals
  • Locate obstructions and sources of infiltration This system uses a comprehensive data collection and management software which helps us evaluate the condition of the sewer main.
Computer Video Inspection of Sewer Main
Computer Video Inspection of Sewer Main

CCTV uses a television camera mounted on a remote-controlled, self-propelled robotic device that is connected to a video monitor, typically located in our trailer. The robotic system is inserted in a manhole and placed in the sewer for inspection. Once inside the sewer, the remote control device moves through the pipe. As it moves, an operator watching the video monitor stops the camera at any type of defect or pipe condition change to get a more detailed inspection.

The inspector typically uses the camera’s 360-degree articulating lens to get detailed information at all points of concern. This information is electronically recorded on CDs or DVDs; however, CDs and DVDs are more prominent because of their ease of use.

Lower Camera into Sewer Manhole

An electronic footage counter is connected to the camera and enables the operator and engineers reviewing the data to know where the problems are located within the sewer.

The City is now incorporating the video inspection system with the use of (GIS) Geographical Information System which will enhance the ability to find, locate, repair or upgrade services throughout the city.

When sewer main lines are inspected we generally find a homeowner or business that has a blockage in their lateral as it enters the city sewer main, we try and make contact with the owner and let them see in real time the problem that exist with their sewer line.

If know one is contacted during the inspection a letter is sent along with details and photos of the problem and our recommendation they should have the problem repaired before damages occur inside their home/business.