Sewer Division

The City is in the process of lining up to 5 miles of sanitary sewer mains in our collection system, with the State CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) we will receive this year of $685,650.00.

Currently, some areas in Community have the older clay tile sewer mains which develop leaks and cracks from weak tile, tree roots through joints which are at every 6 feet, when this occurs maintenance cost, possible backups occur and the integrity of the system declines.

The lining of these sewer mains will allow a (PVC) Poly Vinyl Chloride pipe to form inside the existing clay tile sewer main and become one solid pipe at distances of 400 feet, this eliminates infiltration from root intrusion, strengthens the clay tile walls and adds years of life with-out every digging up the streets because all of this is done underground manhole to manhole which in turn saves the City hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future.

ESRI Mapping  CDBG Sewer Main Lining Grant
ESRI Mapping CDBG Sewer Main Lining Grant