Railroad Memorial


RR1The memorial was erected on property obtained from Union Pacific Railroad, through the City of De Soto, on Fountain City Rd., at the north-end crossing. Histories of the three railroads for which the De Soto community has provided a home, were incorporated into the memorial. This location is easily accessible and provides ample parking.

The design for the memorial evolved as the committee called upon the skills of local artists and craftsmen (present and former), who generously contributed their talents to the project, including, among others, Ed Boyer, Debbie Boyle, Charles Campbell, Bill DeClue, Maxine Jinkerson, and Tom Parker.

Tom Parker and his company BRW Architects, INC, of College Station, Texas, contributed the memorial’s final design and construction plan.

E.A. and Kathy Boyer of E. A. Boyer Design, Inc., and Matt and Betty Edings constructed the history/picture wall, which portrays a portion of the old roundhouse wall. The history has been engraved on black granite. Historical pictures are displayed on the opposite side.

The site surrounding the memorial has become an integral part of the design over time. Additional features, such as a flag plaza, and others, have been included in the overall design scheme, and will bebigstock_Union_Pacific_Train_7900400 incorporated into the site as time and funds permit.

Memorial was dedicated to the men and women who, since 1857, worked for the St. Louis Iron Mountain, Missouri Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads in De Soto