Obtaining a Building Permit

The following items must be submitted to the Building Inspector for all residential and commercial building.

  • A copy of the current paid real property tax receipt
  • The owner must have the corners of the property marked as well as the proposed building staked as to the position of the lot.  The position of the building on the property will be shown on a site plan submitted prior to issuance of a building permit.
  • One set of site plans to scale to size location of all new construction.  All existing structures on the site are to be shown and the distance from the lot line with all being in accordance with an accurate boundary survey.  The City reserves the right to require a survey of the property.  If a public sewer is not available, the site plan must show the location of a private sewage disposal system.
  • Lot dimensions/location of building and proposed building or addition.
  • Location of all utility easements, water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone.
  • Two set of building plans (one of which will be returned upon issuance of the building permit).
  • Typical wall section/footing, foundation, and basement wall section.
  • First floor plans/second floor plans, if applicable.
  • Front, side, and rear view of building (3 grade elevations)
  • Roof rafters- size and span/truss detail, stating live load (must be approved by the International Building Codes).  Must also have engineer/architect stamp.
  • Heat unit, chimney or metal flue, fireplace
  • Stair first section/exhaust fans, kitchen, and bathroom