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Our Mission

The City of De Soto Municipal Court Clerk is to accurately maintain, safeguard and store all Court documents as well as collect and disburse all monies as directed by legal mandates.

This will be accomplished through a knowledgeable and diverse staff that will strive to serve all who use this office through competent customer service, communications and community outreach.

Municipal Court Clerk

Welcome to the City of De Soto Municipal Court-  To better assist you and make this process simple, and stress free as it can possibly be we have provided you with some valuable information on our site to help you thorough the steps required to pay a fine or answer to a charge.

The Court Clerk’s Office Can:

  • Help you understand how court works
  • Answer questions you may have about court
  • Help you find information about your case;
  • Answer questions about monies owed to the court;
  • Direct you to other agencies who can provide
  • Direct you to where you have to appear in court.

The Court Clerk’s Office CANNOT:

  • Give you legal advice
  • Fill out forms for you;
  • Tell you what to say or write;
  • Recommend Lawyers or Bonding Agents;
  • Reschedule for the Judges’ offices;

Q: Where do I go to pay a traffic ticket or Court fines?

A: Payment for any court related fines are taken at the Municipal Court offices, located in City Hall at 17 Boyd St. second window on the right. The Court office is open from 8 a.m. to 5p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q: Do I have to appear in court for my ticket?

A: It depends on the type offense for which the ticket was issued. When the officer gives you the ticket, you should also receive a separate instruction sheet showing how you can take care of your ticket. Some offenses, such as stealing, minor in possession, traffic offenses involving accidents, and other types of cases, require a personal appearance in court.  Other offenses, such as certain speeding violations, parking tickets, and some other offenses, do not require a personal appearance if you simply wish to plead guilty and pay the specified amount of the fine and costs.

The instruction sheet that accompanies your ticket tells whether or not you must appear in court, and gives the standard amount of the fine and court costs for the offense if it is one that can be disposed of without a court appearance.

If, based on the directions on the instruction sheet, you are allowed to plead guilty without a personal appearance, then you may dispose of your case by pleading guilty and paying the standard fine and court costs in advance of the court date shown on the ticket. If you decide to plead guilty in this manner, you may do so as follows:

  1. Sign the back of the ticket in the space provided, and
  2. Mail the signed ticket and a check or money order made payable to De Soto Municipal Court for the full amount of the fine plus court costs.

Mail the ticket and payment to: De Soto Municipal Court, 17 Boyd St.; De Soto, MO 63020.   If you have any questions that can be answered by the court clerk, please feel free to call the court clerk’s office at 636-586-3326.

Rules for the Courtroom

  • No food or drink allowed
  • Turn cell phones off or on silent, do not answer cell phones in court
  • No talking allowed
  • No hats, hoods or anything else that may cover your head or face