City Manager

City Manager for De Soto MO



Job Title:  City Manager


Department:  Governmental Services                               FLSA Status:  Exempt


Supervision Received:  Reports to and receives general and specific supervision from the City Council.


Supervision Exercised:  Management, control and supervision of all property, projects and personnel assigned to the Departments of Governmental Services, Public Works, and Public Safety; and as authorized by law in the Department of Administrative Services.


Responsibilities:  Chief executive officer of the City exercising review control over all departments and decisions within the City; responsible for the enforcement of all laws and ordinances of the City; monitors the terms and conditions of all public utility franchise agreements within the City and takes actions necessary to correct any violations thereof; responsible for the preparation and presentation of annual budget to the City Council and keeps Council fully briefed on the financial condition of the City.  Responsible for the hiring; appointment, promotion, discipline or removal of all City employees except the City Clerk ; develops and refines City policies and programs.  Represents the City at Citizen, intergovernmental and professional meetings.  Attends all City Council meetings.  Plans future City programs and projects.


Essential Function of the Job:  Ability to communicate verbally and in writing; ability to deal calmly in stressful environment, working effectively with tact and courtesy with the general public, council, subordinates, and coworkers.


Knowledge Skills and Job Requirements:  Extensive responsible experience in municipal government at the level of department head or above and graduation from a college or university with major work in public administration, preferably with a Masters Degree in Public Administration; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.  Must be a resident of the City of De Soto at the time of appointment.


Equipment Used or Operated:  Standard office equipment.


The undersigned, before assignment to any employment position as described in the foregoing job description, hereby acknowledges he/she has read said job description, and each subpart thereof and consents to its content.  Additionally, applicant indicates his/her consent to any testing provided for in the written job description and authorizes the City of De Soto to conduct background checks, such as, but not limited to, prior employment, driving violation and criminal histories, as may be required for said position.





Applicant                                                       Date


Please submit resume to Ann M Baker City Clerk at

Or mail to 17 Boyd Street De Soto MO 63020. Any questions please call Ms. Baker Monday through Friday 636-586-3326 x 101

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