Fire Hydrant Flushing

The process of “Flushing” allows us to test the fire hydrants to ensure that they work properly and to remove sediment buildup in the water mains which will enhance the performance of the distribution system and improve or maintain the clarity of your water delivered to your home.

During this process of flushing you may notice a temporary discoloration of your water supply, this is normal when the hydrants are being flushed and the sediment is being removed from the water mains.
However to help avoid staining of your laundry, we recommend that you do not wash clothing during the periods of the flushing.

If you are experiencing discolored water:
If discolored water occurs, it is not a health hazard. However, during the testing procedures, iron (red water) and manganese (black water) may become stirred up within the water main, which can create staining on the porcelain and laundry. For this reason it is vital that the public be aware of the time and area that will be affected.

If this condition persists after several attempts of running your water supply, please contact the Public Works Department at: (636) 586-2499 All Residential and Business customers will be notified as to the exact time and date when the flushing program begins.

Another reason for Flowing our Fire Hydrants:
Since fire hydrants are needed upon an immediate basis during an emergency, fire hydrants should be immediately recognizable to fire fighting forces as well as to the general public. The City uses the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which specifies that fire hydrants are to be painted in a color code system, the standard color codes are listed below:

Standard color codes are as follows: NFPA

Hydrant not in Use                              Black
Class C       Less than 500 GPM        Red   
Class B       500-999 GPM                   Orange 
Class A       1000-1499 GPM              Green 
Class AA     1500 GPM & above        Blue


 Hydrant Flushing
Improves Water Quality 

Sometimes something as simple as hydrant flushing 
   can make a big difference to  water quality.