De Soto Farmers Market & Get Healthy De Soto

Get Healthy De Soto Inc. is a nonprofit organization, established in 2004. Our mission is, “to make a long-lasting positive impact on the health and safety of our community by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, through programs promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition, weight control and disease and injury prevention.”

This has been our mission from the start and as we see it in motion…we remain steadfast in its worth to our community…
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In the Spring of 2010, Trailnet partnered with De Soto to develop a plan to improve conditions for walking and bicycling in and around the city. The De Soto Bikeable Walkable Community Plan will provide a blueprint for the development of bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout the city, making it safer and easier to reach local destinations, including parks, schools, and commercial areas. For more information visit;

Get Healthy De Soto

Missouri Complete Streets Information Center

Governor Jay Nixon, De Soto Native

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

A native of De Soto, Missouri, Jay Nixon was raised in a family of public servants. His mother, the late Betty Nixon, was a teacher and served as president of the local school board. His father, Jerry Nixon, was elected mayor of De Soto and was a judge for the community.

Growing up in a home with these strong examples, Nixon learned at a young age that faith and family come first – and giving back to the community comes next. It is a philosophy that has guided him throughout his career in public service.

After earning both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Nixon returned to DeSoto to practice as an attorney. In 1986, he was elected to his first term in the Missouri State Senate, where he would represent the people of Jefferson County for six years. As a State Senator, Nixon reached across the aisle to pass several major pieces of legislation, including an expansion of pre-natal care for expectant mothers.

Governor Nixon and his wife, Georganne Wheeler Nixon, have two sons, Jeremiah and Willson. They belong to the First United Methodist Church in Jefferson City. read more

Press Release 05/12/2014

On Sunday 5/11/2014, at approximately 9:50 pm the De Soto Police received a call from a woman reporting that she had received a call from her 25 year old daughter in De Soto telling her that her husband had a loaded gun and was threatening to shoot her. There were also two children ages 2 years old and 1 year of age in the residence at the time.

The Husband a 27 year old male had several firearms in the residence. The family resides in the 700 block of South Fifth Street in De Soto. Shortly after that, at approximately 10:03 pm, a Hillsboro PD officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The officer stopped the vehicle, and learned that it was driven by the father of the female in the residence. The father was on his way to assist his daughter.

With the assistance of the father, the Hillsboro officer was able to make cell phone contact with the female inside the residence. The female and the children were able to barricade themselves in a downstairs bedroom, while the husband was upstairs. The Hillsboro officer was able to keep her on the phone and as calm as possible.

In the meantime De Soto Police Officers with the assistance of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department had responded to the residence and established a perimeter.  Assistance was requested from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department S.E.R.T. (Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team). The Officers on the scene heard a single gunshot from inside the residence at approximately 10:12 pm.

The Hillsboro officer was able to direct the female to open a window in the bedroom, remove a screen. She was able to hand her children out the window to De Soto Police officers. . The female then climbed out the window.  All were taken to safety at approximately 11:05pm.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department S.E.R.T. Team responded and made entry to the residence at approximately 1:30am.

The 27 year old male subject was found in the upstairs bedroom deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The male subject was reported to have been under a doctor’s care for a mental illness.

The incident is still under investigation by the De Soto Police Department. No names are being released until next of kin can be notified.

The De Soto Police were assisted in this incident by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Festus Police, Arnold Police, Pevely Police, Hillsboro Police, Valle Ambulance and the De Soto Fire Department.

General Park Information

Rules and Regulations

A reservation calendar is maintained at De Soto City Hall. You may call City Hall at 586-3326 or stop in City Hall at 17 Boyd Street to make your reservation. City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (Except for Holidays). The reservation form must be completed and returned to City Hall.  Use of the facilities is for the time specified above.

If for any reason you decide not to use the pavilion or need to change the date, PLEASE notify City Hall so that the facility would then be available for use of others.

If rental is for the Center Pavilion, a key to the restroom facilities will be provided upon request. The key must be returned before your deposit will be refunded. If there is damage to the restroom facilities, additional charges may be incurred.


  • Leave the premises free of garbage and trash.
  • A $25.00 deposit is required. If there is no damage to the pavilion and the area is left clean and you are a City Resident, you may pick up your deposit at City Hall the next business day. Any non city residents will pay the $25.00 Fee and it will be donated to the Parks.
  • If the deposit is not picked up within 30 days after the reservation the deposit will be donated to the City’s Parks Department and your deposit will not be refunded.


PRIDE and the De Soto Rotary Club (the sponsors and builders) are pleased that you find the gazebo a suitable and attractive location for your event. In order to keep it in good shape for future use, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Please leave the gazebo like you found it. (It should be clean with the exception of sweeping the floor, but if you find it littered or otherwise unsuitable upon first arriving, please notify City Hall.)
  2. If streamers, crepe paper, banners, and/or posters are used, use a clear tape (not duck tape) or household staples.
  3. Please do not use nails or a staple gun. (These larger staples will leave obvious holes in the woodwork.) Remove all decorations, tape, and staples after use.
  4. Please pick up all litter and any residue on the floor and surrounding ground, such as artificial rose petals.
  5. The lights on the inside and outside of the gazebo are on a solar cell and will automatically come on at dusk. There is no switch.
  6. Be careful not to damage to the surrounding lawn, especially if wet. If damaged with chair legs, etc. please try to repair.
  7.  Electrical outlets are located at the north, east, and south sides of the gazebo and will accommodate up to 60 total amps.
  8. Upon paying a deposit, a notification of the date of the reservation will be posted outside the gazebo. If someone happens to claim use at your reservation time and will not vacate, please refer him or her to the official notice. If a problem persists, notify the Police Department.

The user(s) hereby agree to abide by the following Park Board’s rules and regulations. Additionally, the user(s) agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City of De Soto, its officers, agents, volunteers, and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, court costs, or other alternative dispute resolution costs arising out of, resulting from, or otherwise occurring from the use of City facilities and infrastructure as a result of the use of the facility under this Agreement.

A reservation calendar is maintained at De Soto City Hall. You may call City Hall at 586-3326 or stop in City Hall at 17 Boyd Street to make your reservation. City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (Except for Holidays). The reservation form must be completed and returned to City Hall.  Use of the facilities is for the time specified above.