Building Permit Procedures

  1. Submit required information to the Building Inspector on the Building Permit Application Form
  2. The City reserves the right to request a survey of the property
  3. A preliminary inspection of the property must be made by the Building Inspector
  4. Building plans must be approved prior to permit issuance and commencement of construction
  5. Once the preliminary inspection has been made and the plans have been approved the permit may be issued.  This usually takes one to three days.
  6. Upon approval, the building permit application must be posted on site
  7. Prior to any excavation, the applicant should contact DIG RITE at 1-800-344-7483 for all utility locates.
  8. The following inspection will be made:  site, footing, framing, rough electric, rough plumbing, and final.  An additional fee of $56.28 per inspection will be charged after the first six inspections are made for residential and/or commercial construction.
  9. No structure may be occupied or used for any purpose until the Building Inspector has issued a final inspection/occupancy permit.  Any building in a flood plain will require a Flood proof Certificate and Elevation Certification filed with permit application