Each application for a blasting permit under the provisions of this section shall be accompanied by a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00).  Except for quarry’s fee which shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

The permit application shall be submitted shall be submitted in a manner satisfactory to the Building Inspector and shall contain the following:

  • The name and address of the permit applicant
  • If the applicant is a corporation, the State of Incorporation.
  • A statement of whether the applicant, a subsidiary, affiliate or persons controlled by or under common control with the applicant, has ever held a blasting permit in any State or political subdivision which in the five (5) year period prior to the date of submission of the application herein has been suspended or revoked
  • A legal description of the permit area
  • A description of the purpose for which the blasting permit is to be done.
  • A copy of the site blasting application shall be forwarded to the Building Inspector for the City of De Soto

Accurate maps of a scale not less than one (1) inch to one hundred (100) feet clearly showing:

  • The land boundaries and adjacent uses to the permit area.
  • The location and type of closest structures to the permit area in any direction for a distance of five hundred (500) feet from the boundaries of the permit area.
  • All easements of record, public and private, which cross or border the permit area.

blasting permit