Notice of Publication- Call for bids





The City of De Soto will receive sealed bids until 1:05 P.M. December 15, 2015 at City Hall, 17 Boyd Street, De Soto, MO., 63020, for the demolition/removal of the building/structure at 214 Frederica, 615 Boyd and 120 E St Louis Street. The contractor will be responsible for the removal of the building, foundation, etc. from each site. Upon completion of the cleanup of the property, the contractor will be responsible to provide and haul dirt to fill in the foundation area, spread the dirt, grade and seed the lot. Special instructions for the project will be outlined in the specifications. Contractor is responsible for obtaining specifications and other documents required by the City. All information can be obtained at City Hall or by calling 636-586-3326.

The successful bidder(s) shall be required to comply with the applicable State statutory provisions concerning the payment of Prevailing Wage Order No. 22.

The successful bidder must show proof of the proper insurance; Workmen’s Compensation Coverage, Liability Insurance and a Certificate of Insurance endorsing the City as additional insured. The successful bidder must also submit a sworn affidavit and documentation affirming the business entity’s enrollment and participation in the federal work authorization program and that all of its employees working for the contracted services are not illegal immigrants.

Upon signing the contract, the contractor and any subcontractor performing the work shall provide “a ten-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) construction safety program for their on-site employees which includes a course in construction safety and health approved by OSHA or a similar program approved by the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations which is at least as stringent as an approved OSHA program. All employees are required to complete the program within sixty (60) days of beginning work on such construction project. Any employee found on the worksite without documentation of the successful completion of such a course shall be afforded twenty (20) days to produce such documentation before being subject to removal from the project. If any employee fails to complete the program within sixty (60) days of the start of the project or within twenty (20) days of being found on the worksite without documentation, the contractor shall forfeit as a penalty to the City of De Soto two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) plus one hundred dollars ($100) for each employee employed by the contractor or subcontractor, for each calendar day, or portion thereof, such employee is employed without the required training.”

Bids shall be sealed and plainly marked with the date and time of the bid opening. No faxed bids will be accepted. The City reserves the right to waive irregularities when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the City and to reject any or all bids.

Dave Dews

City Manager