De Soto Police begin using LeadsOnline


LeadsOnline is the nation’s largest online investigation system for law enforcement, providing rapid electronic access to transactions from thousands of reporting businesses including scrap metal processors, secondhand stores, Internet drop-off stores, and pawn shops across the country, as well as critical information from eBay listings for criminal investigations.

LeadsOnline’s cross-jurisdictional reporting and investigation system solves cases in literally seconds – from burglary to homicide.

The De Soto Police recently obtained access to this database and have begun using it as a tool to prevent thefts and track those who pawn stolen items.  If your property went missing, would you be able to provide serial numbers, photos and receipts for your property? This information is vital to any investigation. Take some time to securely register your property online with ReportIt. Knowing what you own could be the difference between recovering and not recovering missing property. We suggest that you register your property online with ReportIt. The information you enter is completely secure and you can access from any computer with internet access using your username and password.