2015 Approved Asphalt Overlay of Streets & Alleyways


North 3rd – Fletcher to Jefferson Street

North Grand – Stewart to Dead-end of Street 

5th Jefferson to Fletcher Street 

Alleyway – Between 3rd & 4th Fletcher to Perry Street 

Alleyway – Between 3rd & 4th Lansdowne to Jewitt Street 

Blow Street- Bridge to 202 Blow Street


Asphalt Truck

Boyd Street will be overlaid with a Nova Chip base process.

The process is applied using a self-priming paver. This exclusive pavement process applies an ultrathin, gap-graded hot mix wearing course over a polymer rich asphalt emulsion. The process rapidly secures the NOVACHIP to the existing surface and allows for minimal traffic delays, increase service life, reduce disruption, and uses resources wisely.

The City will be removing and installing a concrete culvert to widen North Grand for emergency vehicles to access residents.

This summer the City will also remove the old culvert drain and replace it with a new concrete culvert on 5th and Alan Street. This will allow for better control of the drainage during excessive rain events.