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Give the Plows a Break!

Driving a snowplow is one of the toughest jobs around. Drivers must maneuver 
a 27’ truck with a 10 plow through city streets,while dealing with foggy windows,
swirling snow, slippery roads, icy intersections and everyday traffic.
So please,“give‘em a brake.”

Please remember the following:

1. Snowplows create a swirl of snow that can blind the driver of a car following too closely, or cars
    approaching from the opposite direction.

2. Snow trucks may also be dispensing salt from the back of the truck. That’s just one more reason not to
    follow too closely.

3. In winter weather, try not to park your vehicle on the street. This allows the snow crews to do a better job
    of clearing streets, and minimizes the risk of damage to vehicles.

4. Don’t stop too closely behind a stopped snowplow. The driver may be preparing to back up, and he may not
    see you. If you can’t see his side mirrors, he can’t see you!

5. Don’t pass a snowplow unless your visibility is perfectly clear and it is completely safe for you, the
   snowplow driver, and other vehicles.

The City of De Soto Public Works Department thanks you for your help.


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